Logging Data from Lilypad Sensors via Bluetooth?

Hi there! I'm a high school Senior who's preparing for a science fair by the end of this week. I'm planning on developing a device that reads input real-time from temperature sensors and flex sensors and then logs that data by time and date to either a computer or an Android device via Bluetooth. The programming with the sensors part will be easy enough, as I've done that before. But with no experience whatsoever with Android, do you think it is feasible for me to have a rough app working that receives and logs data? I've messed around a bit with Amarino before, and I've even used their SensorGraph program to receive raw data from a pulse sensor before, but it was very unrefined and it didn't log the data. If there are any resources that you could point me to that could help, I'd be very appreciative. If I don't think I can manage to get a full Bluetooth rig going, I'll simply hook it up to my computer and log the data there, but I'd really appreciate some help in understanding the fundamentals of logging to Androud over Bluetooth, and logging in general. :)