Logging Temperature + Voltage

I am new to Arduino but I am trying to log the voltage from a thermoelectric generator as well as the temperature from a couple of thermocouples.

Is there any example code I could use to monitor these two parameters? And what additional components I would need?


adafruit website buy a SD shield for your uno. it will have a RTC and SD card slot and room for some voltage dividers. you can create voltage dividers to get those readings from your generators if it is over 5v. if you need to amplify the reading, you might need a special circuit for that. or use the onboard voltage references . but the tutorial for the sheild will explain that better.

as for the thermocouples. you will need a thermocouple interface. if your type is compatible, there are a lot available for the arduino. if your thermocouple is not common, you may have to buy a specific one to get readings you can use. gooogle arduino and your thermocouple type with letter and see what is available.

if you want more detailed help, post data sheets to your sensors and generator, or links to them.