Looking for a Flir or thermal imaging camera

Guys and gals,

I am looking for a Flir or thermal imaging camera to examine hot spots and cold spots on an oven controlled by my Arduino.

Ebay has them for the smart phone but cost is prohibitive at this time.

I am unsure if I can buy the components cheaper and it might give me more flexibility in the future.

Any suggestions welcome.


Hand held infrared thermometer, $40 at Home Depot http://www.homedepot.com/p/General-Tools-Energy-Audit-Laser-Temperature-Infrared-Thermometer-with-8-1-Spot-Ratio-Maximum-Temperature-968-IRTC40/205519216?MERCH=RV-_-OD_SearchPLP_rr-_-202330832-_-205519216-_-N