Looking for advice on RTL inverter transistor switch

Hi guys,

Im trying to get a transistor to work as a switch. I understand that you have to use resistors with these sorts of things, but when I looked up calcualtors to do the equations I found them rather intimidating and confusing. So I've come here for help :slight_smile:

This is a rough sketch of my circuit

Im not sure if I'm supposed to be doing this (although it looks a lot clearer too me now that i'm seeing it on paper), but is it possible to siphon off a battery like that to be used in its full voltage state while still using a voltage converter?

Anyway, you probably need to know the specs in order to help me so here goes

DC current gain - 200
Base emitter saturation voltage - 0.9V
Current going into the collector - 9V
Current going into the base - 5V

Resistance between collector and emitter - 650 ohms
Desired amp on emitter - regular 9V battery amperage based on the above resistance

And here's the datasheet in case i'v missed anything

So I would like to know what value resistors I should use and where I should put them.


Study this:
Your 9volt battery will not power very much.

Thanks Larry I think I've figured it out now :slight_smile: