Looking for aurdino expert *Paid work*


I'm looking for an ardunio expert, either if you have someone to suggest or reckon yourself as a talented coder and generally very good with ardunio stuff. Personally I'm completely green on this kind of stuff and do not really have time to learn it all myself, hence why hireing someone who can help.

Please get in touch with me via PM for more info around the project as it's not really official yet. You will be well paid for you services.




Generally, when someone puts out a tender for work they at least give some idea of what the work will involve. I have worked with NeoPixels, haven't worked with (for instance) wi-fi shields and displays. I need at least some clue as to what you will want me to do before I attempt to offer my services.

Eventually, sooner or later, you will have to describe to your programmer what you want them to do. Why not do it now, on this thread? The only reason not to is if you want some sort of formal NDA, which I for one would not agree to as this is my hobby, not my job.