Looking for Enclosure for project

If this is the wrong forum to ask this question I apologize in advance.

I have a project I am working on and I need an enclosure. Basically what I am looking for is a project box that can house and Arduino Uno and two shields (a WiFi shield and a NFC shield). Here is a video of the basic device:


Does anyone have a link to something I can buy or do I have to go custom?

This is the closest I have found to what I need but the box is pretty large compared to my device - red enclosure


I've had good results with www.reallyusefulboxes.com, found locally at Staples, OfficeMax.
Lot of different sizes, sturdy, removable covers, yet pretty easy plastic to work with for drilling holes, cutting out openings for DB9 connectors, etc.
Here are 3 different examples

What kind of materials would be okay for the box? How strong and tough must it be?

When you are in stores, look at all the containers you see. Will it fit inside a food can, biscuit or candy tin or plastic container?

You can take something light and coat or laminate a lot of strength to it. Fiberglass and epoxy resin sandwich over foam --- there are airplanes made that way.

You can mold many things like Sculpey or real clay or concrete mixed with fibrous strings of most any kind. Fire as needed.

Whatever you get or make can be coated and colored to suit if appearance matters. Metal can be etched or brushed. Soda and beer cans, use paint remover and steel wool to remove the label and find not bare aluminum but high shine plating used to make the label stand out.

Make sure to get more than one of a possible item just to have one or more to experiment for the best way to cut and form what you need cut or formed.

you can buy one from ebay arduino enclosure: Search Result | eBay