looking for official Arduino Due STP / CAD files with dimensions


I have been looking for STP files. I need them to integrate into mechanics and a PCB that accepts the Arduino due.

I need to know the 3d volume of the DUE such that the "shield" that goes on top of it, on which most of the components are mounted on top layer, but some are through hole components with profound volume below the bottom layer, that might interfere mechanically with the DUE top mounted components/connectors such as the ISP, capacitors, ...

I cannot find any references for STP models for DUE boards. Or I am not trained enough in EagleCad to generate a 3d model in said program. If the above is the case please train the untrained. However having these files readily available increases productivity. In the end this version of the DUE board will always be referred to this version of the DUE board, so this can be assumed as static data.

As far as I am knowledgable the DUE header footprint is the same one as the MEGA 2560 header footprint. I found some unofficial STP models on grabcad : http://grabcad.com/library/arduino-mega-2560-rev3 or http://grabcad.com/library/arduino-mega-2650-1 ( somewhere there is a typo in there , and the typo is consistent within the whole stp file )

Correlating these STP files to the EAGLE sch/brd file, is not 100% matching.

Now I am using one of these 2560 STP files. For now I think I am okay comparing visually to make up the differences : http://arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/ArduinoMega2560_R3_Front_450px.jpg to : http://arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/ArduinoDue_Front_450px.jpg But this is counting pin header pins to get an approximate feeling of clearance.

Therefore I would think of it as an improvement and both appreciate it if offical STP files for all Arduino would be officially available on the arduino.cc website for : Products -> UNO Products -> DUE Products -> MEGA 2560 Products -> ...

This applies to all/any official arduino shields, hugely increasing productivity wrt mating mechanical volume, pages in the section where the eagle cad files together with SCH / pin mapping were available.

Kind regards, Donald