Loop with time

Hi guys, I've been running a program in my yun and I want some part of the code to be read periodically

say for example I want it to be read what day it is only once a day, so you see what I'm getting at. I

figured I could use a mod operator with counter to skip the code and read once maybe every 10.000 cycle

something but anyways my question is this; is there like a condition regarding time.

is there like a condition regarding time.

The millis timer will give you the time the board has been on in milliseconds. Use that in an if statement to see how long it is since the last time you did the code.
Use a unsigned long variable to record the time given by millis when you first do the code. Then to see when you need to do it again use:-
if( millis() - lastTime > timeInterval ) { // do what you have to

Thanks that should do it :smiley: