Making a "Solder Paste Dispenser"

I am thinking of making a solder paste dispenser similar to the one in the link YouTube video. Trying to get my head around how the piston is connected to the threaded motor shaft. I think the rubber piston's friction against the syringe wall keeps the movement balanced.

Any suggestions?

This is the motor I am thinking about using. |500x484

I think the piston is just connected to a simple threaded rod that screws into the threaded brass sleeve. I assume the friction of the rubber against the cylinder wall keeps the piston from rotating.

How about an auger inside a cylinder, drive the auger with a flex coupling?

You'll need a stepper motor or an encoder to get repeatable precise movement. That's a DC gearmotor of some sort. That may be good enough by controlling the time of operation, I only know the original design uses a stepper and it looks to work well.


Yes he uses a stepper on that version.

I was going to try to see what kind of results I would get from this Swiss gear motor. It is ~21 seconds per revolution at 5 volts, a bit slow. ~8 sec at 10V.

I do have several small steppers to try for version two.


A usable solder paste dispenser will back the syringe up a bit to stop the dispense and give a consistent volume. your motor can't do this.


I can reverse motor direction by reversing the applied voltage. I experience no backlash when doing so.

Timing and polarity reversal will be easily done with an Arduino.

Might just order one from him if he can find a way to ship to Canada.


This is interesting how air is expelled. At 1 min 26 sec.


I think its neat! and does a good job!

While I have sold myself to the solder mask/stencil devil... this is a cool alternative when having to manually do the job!

I am getting too old, decided to order from Mike, the YouTube author.
Will use it for solder/flux pastes and single drop application such as solvent gluing etc.

Did you already place an order?

I'd get one to try it out... (if another members jumps in, that gets us down to $50 each) :)

Yes I placed the order, I will report back how I like it.



Looking forward to your review! (pics/video) :)