many different weather stations

I have found alot of code for weather stations but not the one i'm working on. There are parts of it floating arround but I haven't been able to put to gether the ones i need: sht15with spc1000 and a 16X2 display. this is for a school project so I'm not looking for the code but I can't get arround pin 10 as the ss they all want a part of it. can i mke more than one pin a ss?

Arduino is "designed" so you can move things around... unless you are using internal things like SPI or TWI.

It sounds like you are using Spi... so SS = SLAVE select.

You will need to be creative and make sure that each SPI device has its own Slave Select pin... but the other pins of the bus can be shared. IE; Master IN Slave Out and Master Out Slave In can be the same arduino pins for all SPI devices... you just have to be using a unique Arduino select pin for each device...

So... move away from PIN 10 as needed.

The SHT15 is I2C, not SPI, so there's no SS.

You can also get LCDs with an I2C interface.

I'm not familiar with the SPC1000, so I don't know what kind of interface it has.

You may not have any conflict at all.