Maple mini stopping processor, when touch PCB line


I'm using maple mini, i make my robot PCB, he has top and bottom lines, im using this maple mini schematic: LINK IS HERE so i upload code to processor and when i start my robot ( turn on ) he working good, but when i touch with my finger bottom PCB line, processor stop working - i using RC motorts, and code is for RC motors ( test ) motors rotate forward and backward, but when i touch bottom line with my finger, my robots stop working, only working RC motors he going forward or backward ( last position, last processor send command what rc motors need to do ), when i press reset button he starting work after ~3sec, when i dont touch bottom line, reset working after ~0,5s. When i touch bottom PCB line, processor like gonna sleep :confused: So i need fix this problem, but i dont have solution. Sorry for this bad english.

I'm using maple mini

Which is NOT an Arduino.

but i dont have solution.

Stop touching the board. Sheesh. Such a simple solution.

Without details of your PCB and code, it is hard to say what the problem is but it sounds like you might have open inputs, that is inputs not connected to any output. This could be due to bad design, poor soldering, loose connectors, broken lines on the PCB, or other reasons.

There are a lot of places to look but start with the lines that you are touching.

The Maple mini is like an Arduino but not an Arduino.

anyway i need fix this problem, because when i place my robot in the ground, her lines gonna touch. so i need fix this

Put some shipping tape on the board to insulate it. Bare PCB lines should not be allowed to contact any random surface!

yup i think about this, but i want still find real problem why

Your finger has a lot of capacitance and can possibly interfere with the clock. We had an RF circuit that required a "finger test" where you would put your finger on the unit to make it stop oscillating. The key was it had to start back up when you removed your finger.

when i put my robot on cardboard he gonna stop too like i pute finger, pls help me !!!