MAX6957 LED/IO SPI interface

Hey all i have come across a few MAX6957 chips

and the QuickView indicates it is 4 wire SPI

i have been unsuccessful in being able to communicate to the chip via SPI has anyone had any experience with the MAXIM chip or any similar SPI IO/LED driver chips?

i have search the forums and no dice!

I haven't used one but looking at the data sheet it looks quite straightforward. If you post the code you have (using the # icon in the reply box) we stand a chance of finding out where you have gone wrong.

well that may be my issue. i have looked at the SPI library (spi.h) available from the main arduino site. but i don't think this is what i am looking for.

where i need some direction is via spi (which is what the chip is) pin #10 = DOUT pin #11 = DIN pin #12 = SCK pin #13 = CS

and be able to use be able to set the other 20 pins as HIGH or LOW individually?

any direction / advice would help


I am not sure what you are asking?

The SPI library is what you are looking for why do you think it is not? Connect up the SIP pins from your chip to the SPI pins of your arduino. Make the grounds common. Then use the SPI calls to set the internal registers in the chip as directed by the chip's data sheet.

So have you written any code?, Have you got a schematic of how you wired it up? This is what is needed if you want help.