MCP2515 vs 25625

Hi! I used the CAN library for the mcp2515 a lkt and like it. Now I would like to move to a smarter chip, that has the driver included, like the mcp25625.

I do not find the answer clearly in the datasheets- so maybe someone knows: Will the library also work on other microchip spi can devices? So that I can keep my code and just change the hardware?

You may find the answer in your CAN library. Or use the library offered with the chip or module.

MCP_CAN library v1.5 This library is compatible with any shield or board that uses the MCP2515 or MCP25625 CAN protocol controller.

That seems to be some other library than this one I use:

But it looks like mcp2515 amd mcp25625 use a similar comunicatian protocol. I could not find info onb the microchip homepage how simillar their chips actually are.

I should of linked it. Here ya go: