MCP3008 ADC issue

I have 2 questions regarding the MCP3008. I bought a pack of 4 and they have a second id 2033YP5. I then bought another 4 pack and the id was different, 1930KHA. First question, is there a meaning to these id's? The reason I ask is because all of the MCP3008 worked from the first pack I bought but all of the ones with id 1930KHA give me 0's for my analog reads. Did I just get a bad batch or is there some significance to this second number/letters?

With all the great manufacturing information like who made them. Are they new or used? A schematic, not a frizzy thing would be a big help. Are you driving them properly? Is the circuit properly designed? does it follow the data sheet recommendations? ..??? My SWAG is you are looking at date codes and two different manufacturers.

Yes it is all the same PCB so I know the circuit is fine. They even read fine through the multimeter, but for some reason they return 0 on all the analog pins. I tested all of them to make sure it wasn't the wrong one. Also, they were bought from the same manufacturer about 6 months apart. One set works and the other doesn't. Very strange but I am guessing I got a bad set somehow.

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