MCP9808 temperature sensor combining with LED pixels

Hello tech-people!

I'm working on a project with a team in my school and need some help with combining codes for the arduino UNO.

We're planning on building an installation with LED-RBG pixels, controlled by the MCP9808 temperature sensor. We have the codes for the lights and the sensor, but don't know how to combine the codes together.
We want the temperature sensor to send a signal to the LED lights so the colours are changing depending on the temperature from your hand.

for an example, if the temperature from your hand is 37C, it would send out a signal to the Arduino, and the led lights would light up RED. If your hand sends out a temperature around 34C, the LEDs would turn blue, and 35-36C, yellow etc.

We also want the LED lights to light up individually.
So, when the next person put's it's hand on the sensor, another LED-pixel will light up depending on that persons temperature.

The LED pixels we're using are:

and the sensor:

Thank you!

Combining codes is done by studying each individual program until you understand the purpose of each and every line, then taking those lines that do what you want to make a new program.

You will probably have to add some lines of your own and change some of the existing lines.

Note that hand temperature, or skin temperature, is almost always quite a bit lower than core body temperature.