Mega 2560 and ethernet

I started a project with arduino mega 2560 + ethernet shield r3 (5100).
I can read/write to the sdcard on the shield so i guess no problem with SPI. but all exemples are failling with ethernet.
I tried pinMode(53, OUTPUT), and i still have the same result.
I tested the ethernet shield on an arduino UNO, and it's working properly.

I read a lot of topics here and there, but never find a solution. I guess I'm not the only one with this issue.

Thanks for any help !

add Ethernet.init(10);

some time ago I've written a sketch for an UNO which uses SD and Ethernet at the same time and I tried this also for the MEGA now and imho it works:
It is just a small data logger which

  • writes data to the SD Card,
  • a NTP client to get the current time (for logging)
  • and webserver to download the data from the SD Card:

and by the way, I'm using Juraj's StreamLib :wink:

i did, i followed the exemples