Mega 2560 Eagle file zip is broken

The file at does not open, and when I open it with WinRAR the program says it is broken. It is easy to believe, the zip is about 100kbytes but there should be 1MB schematic file in it.

Yes, that's a known problem.

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Hi. So I bought a 2560 R3 @ 2/1/12 @ amazon, and finally, lazy man that I am, got around to looking at the Eagle schematic. Which is wrong of course, being for the first revision. So I downloaded -- and it's broken! ... So I guess I wasn't lazy enough....

So where's that exciting R3 eagle schematic/PCB board?!?!?

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Good question.

Hi @ all ;-) i just downloaded '' with firefox. and with totalcomander it was all fine to unzip it. the files unzipped are also fine. Sizes: 161,8k 294,2k Arduino_MEGA_2560-Rev3.brd 1,2M Arduino_MEGA_2560-Rev3.sch

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Tried to open both files in Eagle. Invalid data in file error for both.

Try again chrishjones - I just opened it - its definitely fixed.

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I downloaded 165,739 5/15/12 6:17:10p

just now and unzipped these two files:

Arduino_MEGA_2560-Rev3.brd 301,362 1/04/12 12:40:28p Arduino_MEGA_2560-Rev3.sch 1,282,256 1/04/12 12:40:28p

Double-clicking either one produces

Invalid data in file "Arduino_Mega_2560-Rev3.sch"

or ".brd" as the case may be. This is broken, has been broken, and probably will be broken for quite a while, or at least as long as the Arduweeny think they need for a sufficient headstart on the cloners. Or maybe that's just a wacko theory....

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Those files are tricky. Sometimes they are corrupted, sometimes not. I can confirm: I have got uncorrupted Arduino files not long ago.

Hi all,

EAGLE files:

can't open in EAGLE 5.11 only in EAGLE 6.x

Where can I get this file for EAGLE 5.11 ?

thx for answer...

Answered elsewhere already - download Eagle 6.0, 6.1.