Mega ADK does not communicate anymore


I am not sure what I have done wrong here but previous to my problem, my Mega 2560 ADK was working perfectly fine. I was even running a little LED sketch at the time as well, Until...

  • I decided to try out 'Handbag' and explore some of the ADK bits featured.
  • I also figured now might be a good time to connect a 9VDC power supply and I did so via VIN and GND. (note: this is the first time I had made this connection)
  • at that point I connected my Note3 via USB cable from phone to Mega ADK
  • the LED sketch was still running, cycling through a few LEDs on and off

Figured that was a good time to go and get something to drink, and when I returned a couple a minutes later, I could smell that smell that electronics give off when running really hot and I immediately unplugged the external DC power source and proceeded to disconnect all cables from the MEGA board.

After letting the board cool down for a while (few hours), I plugged it back in via cable to my computer USB only.

Got the startup lights as usual, power light stays on, and my LED sketch started running again.

However, now my computer does not 'see' my Mega ADK board anymore. i.e., it's not listed in the COM port list in the Device manager, and I cannot communicate (ie, cannot upload sketch - comm issue, duh!)

I have tried multiple cables as well as different computers, with similar results. :/

What did I do wrong here? What did I cook? how do I get the smoke back into the wires?