Mega battery question


I have to leave my Arduino Mega unattended for as long as possible for remote camera control. It also has a cellular shield attached.

Would this battery be compatible with the Mega? Right now for testing, I am putting 9V through the VIN (6 AAA's).

Any help would be very gratefully appreciated.


Sure, 9V is compatible with the Mega.

The Mega needs 4.5V minimum, the shield is using 3.8V.

The Mega's Vin will take your 9V and dissipate 4V of it as heat in its regulator.
The shield will dissipate 5.2V of the 9V as heat in its regulator.


So I could go with something like this? NiMH Battery: 9.6 V 2200mAh for UK C4 light And go directly in the VIN? Maybe more mAh like this? NiMH Battery Pack: 9.6V 4500mAh (4/3AFx8)

What about the Max. discharging rate?

Many thanks


Looks like the shield could draw a little bit of current during transmissions

Off mode: <100uA
Sleep mode: <2.0mA
Idle mode: <7.0mA (average)
Communication mode: 350 mA (average,GSM)
Communication mode: 2000mA (Typical peak during TX


In the initial testing, my 6 new AA's lasted about 12 hours with 172 text messages sent.


What about the Max. discharging rate?


With 6 cells, I think you're going to be ok. The Li-Ion cell packs have a board under the wrapper that I think enforces load sharing, so even with bursts of 2000mA, no one battery sees it all.

Here is my battery solution: 8.4V 4200mAh RC battery.

Thanks gentlemen for your help!


I'm not sure if this is a stealth project or what exactly, but depending on where you live or where it's going to be, solar could be a possibility to charge whatever batteries you do run to allow/extend the un-attended operation :slight_smile:


Yes, it is a stealth camera controller for wildlife filming. Can you use solar to charge while the battery is in use?

Thanks :slight_smile:

"Can you use solar to charge while the battery is in use?"
Can use solar to drive the circuit, and let the battery charge when circuit is off.

Check out the battery charge/control chips at

I am making something similar. What functions of the camera does it control?
I am moving the camera with motors.