Mega SD interfacing


So I've looked at the SD Shield 2.1 from Make and the microSD shield from Sparkfun, but neither seem to "fit" the MEGA board layout really well. I'm leaning toward trying to use the SD Shield 2.1 and just soldering some short wire to route to the proper ports (power, gnd, etc) but wanted to know if anyone has any ideas on how to interface with an SD Card using the Mega.



i bought the MicroSD module for Arduino and i have a Mega too, i found that link : and follow the "Documentation" links

Hope it'll help you :slight_smile:

The MicroSD module linked above is plug-n-play.

The sd card (and sd shield) from sparkfun are NOT plug-n-play. You will need either resistor dividers or a hex buffer to change the signal voltages from 5v to 3.3v. Otherwise it won't work at all.

I suggest getting a few hex buffer chips, they are far easier to use and cheap.

The libelium one is a bit more expensive; and I have access to a lab where I can get free basic ICs and components (like hex buffers), so I'll likely hit the sparkfun one. I'm more concerned about the fact that since I have a MEGA, the power pins will stick down against the board when I plug in the digital pins. Physically, how can I get that to work? Just chop the header pins off?

Make yourself a breakout board.
Put the Sf sd card and hexbuffer on the BoB. Pinout as needed.

the nice thing about the board linked above is the fact that u can use the ICSP pins and just get a jumper cable and u can put he SD card read where ever u want, helps out with scripting for a robot....

I ended up going with this guy - MicroSD Card Adapter , simply because I will just put it on a breadboard and wire it back to the arduino using wires soldered to header pins.

The libelium one was good, but this one met my needs for a bit less cash

i think i screwed up my code for the sd card reader somehow (havent messed with it in a while) anyone have any code for the The libelium one?

note: im pretty sure that it doesn't make any difference but im using the ICSP pins (and modded it correctly to do it) so if that somehow makes a difference, because it didn't on the Duemilanove.