I am using the MPU DMP6 example to test my mpu6050 with Arduino mega 2560. My connections are

5V - Vcc
2 - INT

But the connection is not being established. Could you please help.


Initializing I2C devices...
Testing device connections...
MPU6050 connection failed

Do a Google search for;

'Arduino I2C scanner'

And use that test program.

The I2C scanner will tell you if there are any I2C devices on the bus.

If there are none found, either the MPU6050 is wired wrong or it or your Arduino are faulty.

Thank you for a quick reply.

When using I2C Scanner it shows me that the device is connected to 0x68.

And when using the example program of MPU Raw it gives the correct output but only when using MPU DMP6 it gives a connection failed output

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