Menu list in Arduino IDE missing items and does not scroll down


I added a few libraries (probably around 22 or so) that I created for my own boards. Now when I run the IDE sketch, and select
FILE-Examples, I get a full screen of stuff, but the bottom menu items are not displayed on the list (it stops at EEPROM) and I cant seem to get the list to scroll to see the remaining items. This is shown in attachment.

Is this a bug or is there some setting I can enable to be able to see the remaining items in the list? Or do I have to delete some of my libraries? I would rather delete the Arduino Examples if thats possible? I am running v1.05-r2 of the IDE


Did you try the new BETA ?

Yes, it works in the beta release. I dont particularly like running beta software though. There is a reason why its beta.....

I don't think that it will be changed in 1.0.5 anymore.

The 1.5.7 BETA is for the new Arduino Yún and Arduino Due, but it has also improvements for the older Arduino boards. The compiler is still not updated to the newest version, so that would be almost the same.