Microwave doppler radar modules


does anyone have experience with the Radar Module RCWL-0516? I want to know if it is possible to get more information from the sensors beside a simple motion detection. Things like changes in amplitude, exact phase shift data, perhaps even time of flight. How easy is it to visualize this data in combination with a computer? Is maybe the rasberry pi a better option to do something like this?

Are there maybe better sensors for the arduino to build a rudimentary radar system using microwaves?

Start using Google on "RCWL-0516".

Those modules are rather mysterious and not much good for anything but motion detection. Roger Clark has done detailed functional analysis and posted the results. It appears that they [u]do not[/u] use the Doppler principle for motion detection.


You could experiment with the very inexpensive HB100 X-band radar module ($8 on Amazon). I doubt it will do everything you want it to, but could be fun to play with.

Some additional electronics are required to connect the HB100 to an Arduino. You can "roll your own" supplementary electronics or you can buy the HB on a breakout board (e.g., $40 from Parallax).

This website has what seems like reasonable advice (unverified by me) below the PIR stuff: https://medium.com/@benjamindavidfraser/arduino-intrusion-monitoring-system-5e2d8cacf82e

Lots more info here: https://www.epanorama.net/newepa/2017/05/02/hb100-microwave-radar-to-arduino/