MIDI Analyzer/Tester

Hey everybody,
I’ve found some examples here and elsewhere on getting MIDI into an Arduino and interpreting it, but am curious if anybody has written/knows of a program to use the Arduino as a MIDI tester/analyzer, similar to Paul Mesick’s MIDI ViewPort? Basically creating a standalone version of MIDI Analser/MIDI OX (depending on your OS of choice :slight_smile:

If not, any pointers on doing so? I suppose the easy part is the analyzer, which is just a matter of translating the serial data into English messages and printing them to an LCD (well, easy as far as conceptually, scale of implementing the whole library of MIDI messages is another issue).

It gets slightly more complicated trying to implement a cable test into it, although I suppose only marginally so. The biggest hurdle I see, being a complete Arduino newbie, is how to use a serial LCD and output MIDI for testing purposes simultaneously.

Anyway, if anybody knows of anything existing, or has some pointers if I decide to dive in on my own, it’d be much appreciated!


I haven't done a MIDI tester, but have built various devices that talk MIDI to my synths (incorporating an LCD display).

My best tip is to use the ATMega's hardware serial for the MIDI I/O (gives you the speed and accurate input without your sketch hanging), and SoftwareSerial for comms to the LCD (because it only needs output and usually relatively small amounts of data).