MIDI Keyboard with lights

Hello All,

I am completely new to Arduino (but a seasoned developer).

I'm interested in modding a MIDI keyboard with light strips. Is there a way to connect and control multiple strips from one board or will multiple boards be needed? I'd like to light up multiple octaves.

Thanks in advance!

You can probably manage whatever you want to do with one board and the correct sort of LED strips.

But you'll have to provide a bit more detail about what you're actually trying to do. "Mod a keyboard with light strips" and "light up multiple octaves" doesn't exactly say lot about what the lights are supposed to do and when they should do it.


Note that you should use the Dot Star type of strip because the timing is not critical and will stand being interrupted during transfer of data to the strips. The Neopixel type will fail with a lot of serial communications.

You're exactly right Steve, my apologies. I keep forgetting that only I can read my mind.

I'm looking to add a light(s) to each key so that I can light them up on demand using custom software. Basically this

I would like to avoid buying multiple boards, if possible.

Thank you!

I would like to avoid buying multiple boards, if possible.

Don’t even think about multiple boards you can do this with one Arduino and an LED strip.

How are you feeding MIDI into your keyboard and from what? That will determin the sort of board that is best, an Arduino Micro pro looks to be the best bet if you want to use direct USB connections. And use the dot star type strip. You can cut up the strip or buy individual through hole LEDs.

The keyboard connects to PC thru USB and/or MIDI. I'm not using the MIDI connection right now though. Does that limit my options?

Side note: I can hack my way through C++ but I'm better with C#. Should I be looking at Netduino instead? All of this micro board stuff is still pretty new to me.

Side-Side note: I already have a Raspberry Pi 3, I'm wondering if maybe I should dust that off. I'm currently researching my lighting options with that too.

The keyboard connects to PC thru USB and/or MIDI.

So what exactly do you want to do?

You can’t connect an Arduino to act as a PC without a USB host shield. So where is this data for the lights going to come from. Yes a Pi can act as a USB host so you can send your data from that.