Mini infrared security system with Arduino

Hello I have a question.....

Can i somehow integrate mini infrared security system PEM 7D

with Arduino ??

Grateful for answers

You can make your own for small cost in parts and add more sensors too.

There is reflective IR and IR beam interrupt with an IR led and an IR detector, maybe 10 cents each plus 5 cents for a resistor and if you shop better, about 10 cents for all 3 parts.

Well okay, beam interrupt also needs a tube to set the detector in (to restrict view angle, the “beam” is really what the detector sees. The tube can be paper with tape or a pen barrel, etc.

There are PIR detectors that can detect changes in the deep IR spectrum, detect body heat. They do cost a few $.

There are ultrasonic range detectors. They don’t work well on soft things so I think that one in the ceiling that finds range to the floor (4 meters max for this) and if that changes then something else (than the floor) is there.

There are capacitive sensors. You can make your own. Range, a meter or more with a big one. I’ve seen illustrations of using conductive paint on a wall to detect people near the spot.

Metal detector. Yes, it’s a circuit and a loop of wire.

You can roll your own and make your own rules if you want.