Minimum safe resistance

When I want to use a 10k pot for a control on an analog port, I typically tie one fixed leg to +5 and the other to ground and the wiper to the analog port (pretty typical I think) I now need to hook up 4 slide pots to four analog ports, and since the pots are parralel, the overall resistance will be 2.5k. Is this ok? I’ve never used less than 10k before.

As long as you limit the current into or out of any one pin to 20mA or less you should be OK. 5V/2.5K =0.002A.

Thank you!

The current thru each pot is the same - 5V/10K = 0.5mA.
With four pots, the current draw from the power source is now 2mA vs 0.5mA.
The current into a analog input is very small - like 1uA. You cannot force more current into a pin except with higher voltage (>5V) and that just breaks things.