MKR motor carrier


  1. I have a MKR1010 connected to a MKR Motor Carrier. I want to use pins A1,A2,A5 and A6 on the MKR1010 as digital outputs and not to use them as analog inputs from the MKR Motor Carrier. In the schematics I see that those pins are connected to a bi-directional chip LSF0108.
    If I don't connect any input to MKR Motor Carrier can I use those pins freely?

  2. Is there an option to control the MKR Motor Carrier via SPI ? other then connecting the jumpers on the board what do I have to do in Software?

  3. I want to use 6V motors of 12V motors, in the spec page the "rated voltage" is 6.5 to 11.1V - what limits the voltage to 11.1V? can I supply 12v? or 6V (if I plan to use only the MC33926 driver)


Can somebody from Arduino answer my questions ?