MKR motor shield w mkr1010 wiring

i have a mkr wifi1010 on a mkr motor shield and i seem to have fried the 1010. the only power i had plugged in was the 8v DC power supply which i ran into the terminals using VIN and ground. did i do something wrong. i thought that this is where the power supply was suppose to connect to power a DC motor attached to the shield. see attached.
where should external power be plugged in to the motor shield board if i don’t have access to a LiPo battery.

I Ted, really not useful to solve your problem, but as a confirmation of your approach I did the same power connection scheme (see picture) and started couple of tests.

So far the mkr1010 hadn’t fried yet. Hope will this is the right approach.

Anyway I’m really struggling with poor level of documentation about mkr motor shield, and I’m guessing is due to the relative low diffusion level of MKR Motor Shield (unfortunately!).

Will keep on with a sort of trial and error approach, but I’m with you, it’s really frustrating!

Have a nice day.