MKR1400b version

hi. Can anyone tell me if this is a revision for the original board. (MKR1400 vs MKR1400B)?

If so, what has been revised.

I'm crossing my fingers for the deep sleep issues to be fixed.


Bump. There was a schematic change in late Jan of 2019. I too would like to know what's changed since the original release. Is there an errata available?

How about some answers from the MKR development team since this is supposed to be the official help forum for MKR issues.

any news here?

Seems like the only change was the removal of a fuse in series with the battery. From various discussions it appears the fuse resulted in too large a voltage drop during transmission to 2G networks.

Too bad, it would have been perfect if they had made that last connection to pin 35, I2S_TXD to enable bi-directional audio communications. I'm curious as to why they would omit such a simple necessity. After all, it is a GSM cell phone. What possible reason could there be for not allowing it to be used as one?
I personally do not need it for my device as I've implemented an I2S microphone to allow listening in on what is transpiring in the vicinity but still...