Monitoring Solenoid Temp With RTD

Hi All-

I need to monitor the temperature of a solenoid. The range I need to measure is roughly 60°F - 150°F. Pin point accuracy is not crucial.

I just learned first hand about the noise that EMF can cause with a TMP36. :o

So now I’m looking for an RTD that has a similar form factor to the TMP36 as the space I have available is tight. Can anyone speak to whether this sensor would do the trick?

Sensor/Littelfuse Inc PPG102C1

Or any suggestions on a small RTD that anyone’s had success with. OR if there is a better way to do this altogether.

Many Thanks,



I'd have a look at something like: One Wire Digital Temperature Sensor - DS18B20

You'd still have to be careful about electrical noise, but it should be better than reading an analog sensor.
Wire it up with shielded cable (even cover the whole sensor in copper tape) and decouple the power at the sensor end.


Edit: P.S. With your existing sensor you could try a layer of insulation tape and cover it with grounded copper tape. Google "Slug Tape" for some cheap stuff.

LiPo batteries use a $0.10 thermistor for simple temp measurements.
Gives a lot more A/D values than an RTD.
Use shielded wire for the thermistor and/or a 100n cap from Arduino pin to ground if noise is a problem.

thank so much guys. i'll give the digital sensor a try as well as the shielded cable and copper tape and report back.




The DS18B20 worked like a charm! Even over a 15ft cable run. Thanks again.