Motor Control,Speech and more!

Hey everyone,

I have a project idea that would require a lot of various pieces to come together.

I own a mega that I've tinkered with before, (but am still very new to it all) but wondering if all the below would need something more than arduino?

The project would be running;
2 stepper motors,
1 Solenoid,
A large matrix of LED's and switches,
Sound output with speech for information
and code to remember placement of steppers and switches pressed (obviously)

Nothing will need running at the same time (evenbthe steppers can be individual)

My only major concern is the code for running everything may be too large and also sound output and storage which I've never attempted before.

Any help would be grand.



You should get all that in a Mega.

Well that was a nice definite answer :slight_smile: thanks Grumpy_Mike!

If I could pester you or anyone else reading for more advice.

Regarding speech clips, I'm assuming that they will need to be stored on an external SD card so there will be no limit as to how many files on the arduino end right? And I'd need a shield for it?

I could probably find this out via the forums but want to concentrate on steppers for now and whilst I have your attention... :wink:


You can store simple speech files in the program memory, up to about 5 seconds or so on the Mega. Otherwise you are better off getting an AdaFruit wav shield which contains both the SD card and a decent D/A converter and audio amplifier.

Cool, cool.
Thanks very much Sir for your replies! Very much appreciated and I'm rather excited about it all now.