Hello, i have to control an ac motor(220 v) with a relay module board(8 relay board with optoacopler chip in inputs).
I have a lcd module, arduino uno board, vdc adapter (7,5v) directly to arduino board input conector, i use two realys(one for each turn, one to left, and other to right) of eights in te board.
When the motor is out the relays, the displys and the arduino control runs fine.
If i put on the motor in te outputs relay module, the displays goes bad, and a ramdom and unreadable letters appears.
What I can do?
I have a capacitor 0,1 micro faradays between vcc and gnd.


What kind of AC motor?

Ir its a Ac motor, that has 3 wires, common, turn left, and turn right, it runs at 220v ac.
It is a inducction motor.

Hello, the problem was the mechanical relays, I bought a solid state relay, and the proyect works perfectly.