Motor shield compile problem

Hi sir,I am a newbie to Arduino
please solve the following issue:
the issue is that when i connect motor shield from DK electronics to the arduino leonardo board and add the AFmotor library and compile it ,it is showing the following error

C22 is not declared in this scope.

please reply my query.

I just cannot comprehend how you possibly think I am to help you if you only give me the most basic information. SHOW US YOUR CODE!

EDIT: Also, try using google this "AFmotor library C22 is not declared in this scope"

Unfortunately, it means that the Leonardo cannot be used with the AFMotor library. The Leonardo uses an ATmega32U4 chip, which has a different arrangement of timers and pins than the ATmega328 used in the UNO. The AFMotor library has not been written to work with the 32U4.

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