Motorized Equatorial Mount controlled by USB Joystick

Hi everybody!

I am trying to build a motorized equatorial mount for telescopes and decided to use Arduino Mega to control the steppers motors and also add a USB Joytick controlling function.

Well, I already have bought Arduino Mega and have tried out some basic experiences… Since I don’t have the steppers motors, I wanna try with LEDs… I have the USB Joystick connected to the PC and also the Arduino Mega, I wanna test the Joystick functionality by powering on the LEDs everytime I turn the Joystick, but I don’t know what library to use, I have researched and read that Arduino Mega requires an USB Host Shield to input Joystick data, is it true? Isn’t possible to Arduino read the Joystick commands from USB Joystick directly connected to PC, like this:

Arduino Mega <—USB—> PC (Windows/Linux) <—USB—> Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick

I just wanna test the Joytick functionality powering on the LEDs…

No you need a USB host shield.

If you wire it up like you showed you need some code on the PC that reads the joystick and sends the data out to the Arduino over the serial port.