MR513 alcohol sensor wiring and powering

Hi everyone, I just bought a MR513 gas sensor to make an arduino-based breathalyzer. My goal is to build a more precise system than MQ-3 sensor based ones and then to create a tutorial. The only problem is that I don't have any idea about how to wire and power the sensor and the datasheet is quite vague.

According to it the sensor has to be powered by a 3.0V (+/- 0.1V) and a 100mA (+/-10mA) current. If I'm right the arduino can only provide 3.3V and 50mA (or 5V).

So, do I have to make an external power supply for the sensor (and then how?) or can I use 2 or 3 PWM outputs in parallel to make a 3.0V output (after smoothing with a low-pass filter) with 3*40=120mA maximum?

Do you have any idea about how to handle this?

I'm having trouble seeing any of the specs on that PDF. You can get programmable voltage regulator chips that are set to a voltage of your choice using a couple of resistors - this would be one way to get 3.0V

that's also where I finally get, i will probably buy a LM317 put a 9V battery on in and output a 3.0V, I also found the two 2K resistors and the 500 ohms potentiometer for the detecting circuit.

Any luck with this? I haven't been too successful with getting accurate readings on an MQ-3... Interested to hear how this turned out for you

anyone here have anyluck with this?