MT9D111 camera

Hi everybody.
This is my first post on the international forum so, first of all, I want to introduce myself. I’m Raffaele from Italy, 27 years old and I work as game programmer.
Since I don’t have any experience on Arduino platform, I ask you about feasibility of this task.

I’d like to use Arduino to control the MT9D111 camera. In addition, after a photo was taken, I’d like to copy it from the internal buffer of the camera to an SD or flash memory. I know Arduino is “easily” usable with an external memory, so I’m particularly interested in the integration process with the camera module.

Thanks everybody,

P.S.: I don’t need to use that specific model of camera, but it’s the only one I’ve found with tiny size and internal buffer. These two latter features are the only requirements I need. So, if you know a better camera, feel free to suggest me it.

An arduino UNO could not handle decompression of jpeg but it might be able to just copy the bits to the sd card.

don’t expect any performance as it needs to handle 200 million pixels @16 Mhz so copying one frame takes minutes

Never tried



Up what? You've been given an answer. What is the problem with that? What else are you looking for?

For $35, take a risk.

OP wants more tips I assume,

@Taatt4, Can you tell us more about the application, the goal of your project? As a serious game programmer you must have more ideas than you just told us...

Take a look at this