Multi channel audio signal receiving


I'm looking for advice what should I have to use for several microphones to simultaneously read signal from each separately for real time analysis of audio volume as RMS, Peaks, Peak to Peak with USB or better wireless connection with PC without recording, only analysis, I guess it is not really matters in this case

So actually I need to build some kind of multi track channels mixer from several different type of cardiod microphones

I guess it should be some proper kind of controller and sound card, to put it all in the case 15x12x8 sm

but I'm not sure about device and possibility of audio signal receiving directly from device and getting of this inputs simultaneously and separately via USB for processing into my code

Any advice on this direction would be useful

What Arduino are you expecting to use. The standard sample rate on a Uno is only 10K/s so that has to be split amongst all your audio inputs. With only 2K of memory you can only record a fraction of a second.

Have a look at the audio capabilities of the Teensy. It certainly can do all of that for stereo. More than that, I'm not so sure. The audio system is pretty easy to hook together some software modules with the online tool.

An Arduino DUE gives you the possibility to set thresholds in the ADC controller to determine peak voltages, high and low, between 0 and 3.3 V.

You can have up to 12 analog inputs, with a 1 Msps for 1 analog conversion, plus a fully differential mode. Using PDC DMA to pull conversions from ADC is handled off core, so that the math needed to calculate RMS can be done by the full CPU potential.