Multi Mode LED display In Matlab using GUI push buttons

I need your help I received the Arduino UNO Board and trying to make a
project i.e. multi function(Mode) LED like ABCD I want to glow

  1. A,B,C,D one by one then
  2. Glow A on B,C,D off ,B on A,C,D Off so on..
  3. Glow all A B C D slowely or light fade
    I interfaced the Arduino with Matlab so in GUI I want to use 3 buttons
    for this for each function
    I don interfacing GUI(Matlab) and On Off program using push button but I am
    not able to program the Button for One by One and fading please help me

Whenever a Matlab button is pressed, you write a command on the serial port. On the Arduino side, you receive bytes via Serial.available(),, and execute the commands sent by the Matlab program.

To fade a led use analogWrite() and cycle the pwm value between 0 and 255 and back to 0. To have a smooth fading try different increment / decrement values and different delays between those.

Please post the code so far (at least the Arduino code). Remember to hit CTRL+T inside the IDE and use the # button (code tags) to post the code here.

my 2 cents.

delay syntax in Matlab to to provide delay the Arduino pin like in Exp blink delay (1000);
how I write same delay in Matlab