My Arduino Mega 2560 stays locked no matter what I do

Standard Arduino COM port already in use / COM port locking / Arduino uploading problem.

I use Arduino IDE 22 on Windows XP, with Arduino Mega 2560. It started getting locked no matter what I do. This is actually the second computer on which this is happening. The worst is that once Arduino locks a COM port not even rebooting will release it. Problem manifests itself when I try to upload a sketch. Even the basic Blink sketch takes infinite amount of time to upload. It never uploads.

I tried:

  • unplugging USB cable,
  • resetting the Mega board,
  • rebooting the computer,
  • lowering COM port from COM 15 to COM 2,
  • disabling than enabling the COM port,
  • killing avrdude.exe and jawaw.exe manually in Windows XP Task Manager,

What else can I do?

What other processes can be locking a COM port?

  • reinstalled driver (maybe it wasn't that that helped?)
  • my wiring required connection to Pins 0 and 1, RX and TX. I detached these two wires and immedaitely after that upload was succesfull. Most like ly it was that.

Read these two Arduino Troubleshooting pages:

They are gold dust. God bless creators of above pages.