my Arduino Pro Micro not recognized on Mac OS X 10.7.5

I got a problem with my Arduino Pro Micro. I was trying to load up the code to it, but the Serial Port only has

I was successfully load up the code couple times.
P.S. I got this board from ebay.

Pro Micro or Pro Mini? If it has a FTDI chip on it, make sure the FTDI drivers are on it.

[quote author=Mike Luo link=topic=168096.msg1251241#msg1251241 date=1369371446] P.S. I got this board from ebay. [/quote] Make sure you email that excellent technical support they provide. I'm sure with all of the cost savings the seller is capable of providing you support!

Pro Micro. The one with 32u4 chip.

Hi Mike, I've bought one from SparkFun and have the same issue, it just doesn't enumerate as a serial port on my MAC.

Any hints from anyone out there ?


[quote author=Black Ink link=topic=168096.msg1252222#msg1252222 date=1369431869] Hi Mike, I've bought one from SparkFun and have the same issue, it just doesn't enumerate as a serial port on my MAC.

Any hints from anyone out there ? [/quote] Contact SparkFun.

Their "Pro Micro" isn't the same as the Arduino Micro. While is using the same chip, it might be using a different bootloader. The pinouts are definitely different.

I also wanted to chime in on this one. I purchased one of the Arduino Micro Boards locally at a Radio Shack and have been having the same issue on my Mac and PC. The device doesn't register in the /dev/tty.* or in the System Information under the USB Controller. My Mega2560, Uno, and Due all show up just fine. I've been searching for possibly related issues on Google for over 3 hours now and am starting to feel a little lost. Any help would be appreciated.

Ok, good news. I was searching for related issues with the Leonardo Board which also uses the MEGA32U4 chip. The problem was with the USB Cable. Apparently some USB Micro cables only support power and not data functionality. If your Micro USB Cable doesn't support Data then the board won't show up with a USB Serial Connection. When I swapped the cable out for one I use to pull data off of cell phones the Arduino Micro showed up immediately. Please check and make sure your USB Micro cable supports data.

I have tried. It doesn't work.

Same issue here. I was able to upload code a handful of times before it stopped working. I haven't done anything too crazy with it.

I bought the Arduino Micro at a Radio Shack that was closing out everything. It's in the official Arduino ( packaging, with part # A100053.

I had the same problem as described above - On Mac OS X 10.7.5, with Arduino IDE 1.6.3, the USB port didn't show up as an option.

I thought I was using a "regular" USB cable, but when I changed to another one, the USB port option did show up in the Port select, and everything was able to work correctly.

I was actually rather surprised, not knowing that there was a difference in USB cables. Once I got it working with the different cable, I even went back and checked again with the original. Yep, it didn't work. Back to #2, everything working.