Myoware Muscle Sensor Alternative for electrode pads

Hello there,

Right now, I have a project idea. I wanted to use emg myoware sensor to help patients with disabilities use robotic hands instead of their hands with disabilities. I have researched the internet and found many sources on this but I have a very simple question which I couldn't find an answer to.

If you have worked with electrode pads before you should know that there are some problems with it. If it wants to be used for a long time, for example up to two days, the electrode pads won't last that long and it kind of hurts when you try to remove them from your skin.

During my research, I have been shown Thalmic Labs's myo band project. Here

I think there is no alternative to this as well though. I am thinking of using a myoware sensor for this project but I want to replace the electrode pads with something more preferrable. I don't think such a product exists but it doesn't ask to hurt.

Thanks for your understanding.