Name structures from string value

Basically I'm reading names from SD card and defining a structure named from the selected SD value. I've got it reading names & values, but I've hit a wall. I have already defined:

Struct Crop { char CROPNAME; byte value1; ETC}

Say per instance I select "broccoli" from the SD file. I want the program to create and name the structure:

Crop broccoli { "broccoli, etc, etc}

from the string that contains the "broccoli" I selected from the SD file. How do I name it from my string or char array?
Forgive the partial code, I've only got internet on my mobile at the moment.

I don't think a processor running a program can add to its own code. Even if you stored in your SD file the machine instructions required, you have no idea where those instructions would need to be placed in program memory, since the compiler allocates locations when it compiles the code. If you pull this off, it will be the hack of the century.

You will have to make the name a member of the struct. Once the code goes on the processor, the concept of names for variables is long gone and everything is done by memory addresses. The code where you want to refer to it by name, that's going to have to use some function that takes a name as an argument and searches through for the one with the right name.

In other words, because the compiler arranges the memory allocation, this is a catch 22. My concern is that with the large structures, if it starts adding cauliflower and a bunch of other crops to the mix, it's going to be an unknown mix number of crops requiring reservations within structs. Back to the drawing board.

Thanks for the sensible respons

you should realize that putting the names in the structure, and the the structures in a list so that you can search through them, is essentially what would happen even in a a hypothetical langauge that did permit you to create structures named via a string...

The ArduinoJson library will do what you want (even though your specific requirement isn't what it was intended for).

It is available in the library manager, search for 'ArduinoJson'.