Nano 33 as USB drive?

Is it possible / someone did it?

The Arduino Nano 33 BLE hardware would support this.

The software runs on top of mbedOS. According to the documentation mbedOS supports USB Mass Storage Device (MSD).

There are files included in the deliverables of the Arduino Mbed OS Nano Boards v 2.0.0. See:


Whether that is sufficient to create a full solution I do not know. It probably also depends on what you would like to do. e.g., just read/write some data or update the sketch.

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I need a file to be created on the Nano side, so that a computer can read / copy it over USB.
I'm currently doing this with BLE, and this would in theory simplify things...
But it will probably take a lot of testing / debugging...

I very simple solution to collect files and get them to a PC is to use SD cards. They will give you almost unlimited memory, most laptops have SD card slots nowadays, they are cheap and the libraries are easy to use.

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