Nano 33 BLE Sense I2C?

I just receive my Nano board(s) today and the first thing I wanted to do was map out and explore the I2C sensors on board. I first tried my own I2C_Detector project and it didn’t find any devices. I tried using the wire library, bit-banging, re-checked the schematic and tried different pin numbers, but no luck. Then I tried running the standard I2C_scan demo sketch and still nothing. Are there some additional steps needed to access the I2C sensors on this device?

I do not have boards yet so take this with a grain of salt. You might take a look at BLE i2c driver source code. For example,

For more Nano BLE drivers, search library manager for "nano ble". The board package can be found by searching board manager for "nano ble".

A "Getting started guide" for Nano BLE would be useful.

Have you put external pull-ups on the I2C pins?

I got it sorted out. I was just trying to use the built-in sensors. Apparently the board has a GPIO pin which controls power to the sensors (for ultra low power mode) and they’re on the second I2C bus (Wire1).

Hi, have you solved the problem? How to distinguish the two wires on the firmware?