I'm trying to find out what current the Nano 33 IOT should draw as mine was taking about 600mA but seemed to be working ok. I wasn't using WiFi or Bluetooth. I've now disconnected everything and it still draws over 400mA when running the blink program and the actual processor is too hot to touch, taking only a few seconds to get to this temp after powering up, either via the USB or 5V to the Vin pin. The voltage regulator temperature is fine. This doesn't seem normal to me?

I am getting a lot of RF noise from this, it stops DAB radios from working and also an airband radio I'm using. I'm wondering if the noise would be less if the current was less as I believe it's coming from the voltage regulator.

I don't get any of the heat/RF noise problems when using a standard Nano, Nano Every or Nano 33 BLE.


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My Nano 33 IoT has room temperature running without any sleep modes for many weeks, powered by USB, WiFi connected and sending small data packets every minute.

600mA is that a USB 3.0 port running the extra current for charging something.
It sounds way too high.
Mine is also room temp like Klaus but there is nothing connected to it either.

Thanks for the replies. I've now removed it so only USB connected, same problem, so will have to test all the I/O to see if something got fried somehow.