Nano - Weight Sensor + Hx711 - ports A6 -A7

I tried to use the sensor on the analog ports A6 and A7 of the arduino nano and it doesn't work.
Tested on all other ports A0 ... A5 and it works

Does anyone know why?

A6 and A7 are analogue-in only. The HX711 needs digital inputs.

Any pin on a Nano can be used for the HX711, except for 0, 1, 13, A6, A7.

Pin 13 can be problematic, because it has a LED attached, so shouldn't be used for data (in).

Good! Tks!

could you use like that then?

#include "HX711.h"

#define DT 5
#define SCK 6

I think I already answered that.