Need a little help... (ftdi pins?)

So, I'm being bored waiting for the Makerspace to get more picoduinos in stock, and I thought "Hey, why not try to make my own simplified pcb with a spot made for a regulator?"

So, I began in photoshop then when into Pad2Pad's software and got these:

The only thing I didn't think of when doing this little boredom project, is the FTDI connection...

What pins do I need to connect where for FTDI? There is some extra space on the right end (pad2pad section) that I shrunk down from the 2in x1in, so I could fit the pins in there space wise, but I don't know what pins I need to connect to, nor what order they should go in. I'm sure it's out there, but I've found it hard just finding a basic schematic of how to hook up an arduino from the atmega chip itself. I've looked, and I've found many tutorials on how to make an rs232 (serial) connection, but I'd rather use FTDI to save sapce. I've even thought about getting rid of the crystal resinator (8mhz internal crystal is possible) just to save space, but it's kind of pointless with all the pin outs if I have the space already like I do.

Can anyone tell me how to do FTDI?

Look at how the promini is wired up, do the same. Vcc, GND, Rx to Tx, Tx to Rx, DTR thru a cap to reset line which is pulled high via 10K resistor.

Lay them out in the same order.

Program with an FTDI Basic, plugs right onto male 0.025" square pins.