Need advice for J1939 project

I'm new to Arduino and have a project of unknown complexity and looking for some advice.

I need to build an Arduino based device that simulates J1939. I know that part has been done.

J1939 is like OBD2 but for HD vehicles like semi trucks

The unknown region of my project involves 2 gateways:
1 that listens for the pulses from my engines tachometer sensor
1 that listens for pulses from the vehicle speed sensor.

I know that folks have built Arduino tachometer units and speedometer units so in theory it shouldn't be too hard, right?

I will need to program engine hours into the Arduino as well as the odometer reading and have them both count up as the engine runs and the vehicle is in motion. All of this gets transmitted over J1939 to an external device that reads RPMs, speed and distance.

Any advice on where to start? To me it sounds pretty simple but I've never done a lick of programming and am looking for any advice.


All nice and clear except the disapointing fact that nobody besides you seems to be so enlightened to know upfront what J1939 means.

...a secret Junkers WW2 dive bomber?

...a secret Junkers WW2 dive bomber?

You nailed it!

Sorry about that. J1939 is a data bus protocol for HD vehicles such as semi trucks and busses.

googling "arduino j1939" returns a few links that suggest somebody did implemented libraries for it.
So at first sight, yeah, it should be doable, once you fix the "never done a lick of programming" thing by

  • arduino programming basics
  • how j1939 and related CAN bus protocols/hardware work
  • how existing libraries can be used by looking at their source and examples.

If these don't work, don't get upset, there-s even a book for you

Already ordered the book, waiting in the mail man.