Need: Audio Modulation Example

Hello, I’m looking for an example of audio modulation.

I’m working on a project where I read an audio file, convert it to a digital signal and modulate it using the FPGA. Current examples are only for video. Any examples of audio modulation will be useful for me to get started.


Audio is next in line but I'd like to better understand what you need. Do you want to have amplitude modulation of a carrier or what? We are thinking about an audio dsp platform able to perform effects and synthesis but not sure that would cover what you are looking for

I am also looking for a good way to do wave form and audio I/O ... #1 on my wish list are DC-Coupled Audio interfaces with sample rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz and if possible 192 kHz with an audio sample depth of up to 24 bit's ... a tall order I know .... but with proper protection circuit that would allow both audio and CV.

Dyslexics Untie.

Actually if you know how to program FPGAs or want to learn we provide the sigma Delta ip block which produces analog audio at any but depth and sample rate out of a digital pin. Feed that with samples and it's going to play... Be careful on directly connecting ffpga pins to low impedance loads as fpga has limited output current...
Btw we have an audio synthesis and elaboration project on the roadmap so if you don't want to mess with fpga directly you may have what you need sooner than later.

I have made several attempts to learn FPGA tool chains in the past few years with little joy… all the free tool chains are difficult to get to run… but I will eventually try yours as it finishes developing (I am more of a hack at programming and fire hazard as an EE :wink: ) I love your product and will be working on two of the separate chains with this… the first is intended to generate signals for oscillographic art and audio the other will be a video frame buffer that accepts analog in (2 separate projects as my digital systems math tells that this can do either or but not both at once) and thanks again for the prompt response it shows commitment and I can tell that this product will be a long term success.

DarioPennisi is the IP able incorporate a opamp lm6172 as an IO buffer this would be the most useful way to implement this for both my audio/signal based projects as well as the video frame buffer project that I would like to do as that IP develops... if not I think to have that miniPCIe sheild/carrier with several of them or ada4851 would be the way to go... I look forward to your reply

Tom what you wrote I understand you need audio input, not output so our sigma Delta won't help as it's just output. For input there's a trick that can be used to make an ADC out of lvds inputs. This would require wiring the camera signals to a passive network.
See this for info on the above:
If you're not into digging deeper you'll have to likely wait a bit before things get too the point where you'll have all the necessary bricks you need for your projects but I'm sure they will come.